Just because you will soon be able to carry concealed without a permit DOES NOT mean you SHOULD!

What are the benefits to getting a concealed weapons permit?

1. Education and Training: The education on Arizona Laws and the firearms training are extremely important. It is important that you have a good understanding of the law and the justification for the use of deadly force. One mistake and you break the law or worse kill an innocent bystander.  That one mistake can cost a life or cost 6 months to life in prison for you.  Spending one day of training at our CCW class is PRICELESS!
2.Weapons proficiency:  Merely having a gun in your possession is not going to protect you, weapons proficiency will! Pulling a gun if you’re not proficient with it might get you KILLED! Firearms training could save your LIFE!

3. If you have a C.C.W. you don't have to go through background checks when purchasing a firearm.

4. If you take a GUNS PLUS C.C.W. Course you will receive a GUNS PLUS Discount Card good for five years the length of your permit, good for 10% to 15% off during that five year period!

5. The law allowing you to enter an establishment licensed for alcohol consumption requires that you have a CCW permit. You may not carry if the establishment has posted signs prohibiting weapons. This includes almost all restaurants. When carrying you may NOT consume alcohol.

6. National parks:  The federal law which allows you to carry in National Parks requires you have a permit issued by your state of residence.

7. Reciprocity: If you don't have a permit you don't have reciprocity with the states that recognize our permit (32 at last count)!

8. CCW Permit lets Law Enforcement know who the good guys are when they pull you over. If you have your CCW Permit and give to the officer during a traffic stop they know you have had training and a background check.

9. Gun Free Zones: Federal Law: The 1000 foot rule says that it is illegal to be within 1000ft of a school by Federal Law. If you have a CCW issued from your state of residence the 1000ft rule does not apply.

These are nine good reasons why you should not carry without a permit!

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