The only Club that your life depends on!

The Survivor's Club is where you will learn all of the advance defensive handgun techniques to sharpen your survival shooting skills. It is not enough to just own a gun but you have to know how to use it effectively and safely.

ONLY $500.00

Membership Includes:

Defensive Pistol I Course The Pistol I course is a prerequisite for the other tactical pistol courses. The skills taught in this class are essential skills required for your survival if your are involved in a self defense situation. Learn to draw your handgun quickly and safely acquiring your target, point of aim/ point of impact. Become conditioned to reload or clear a malfunction as required.
Defensive Pistol II Course This course will teach you the difference between cover and concealment and how to effectively utilize each. You will learn to utilize ballistic barriers and maximize their effectiveness providing you the maximum ballistic protection
Defensive Pistol III Course This course will teach you to communicate to the threat, move away, (into or lateral) with the threat depending on circumstances. Realistic 3D charging target system will let you experience the threat coming at you from 21" in less then 2 seconds.
Defensive Pistol IV Course This course will prepare you to defend yourself in close quarter situations. Blocking or fending off a knife or other type of attack. Drawing and firing in close quarter situations.
Defensive Pistol V Course Learn the advanced concealment techniques.
Nightfire Course The Night Fire Course teaches different flashlight and handgun techniques. It is important that everyone who uses a handgun for home defense is familiar with utilizing both the handgun and flashlight in conjunction with one another.
Security Enforcement T-shirt Makes you more accurate! Well not really but looks cool.
Security Enforcement Hat We live in AZ... you need a hat!



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