SilencercoGun Plus is proud to carrry and sell Silencerco suppressors. For more information on Silencerco products please visit their website at


Why sell suppressors?

Unsuppressed gunfire noise is the most hazardous non-occupational noise to which American citizens are exposed. American veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afganistan are experiencing significant hearing loss due to unsuppressed gunfire noise in extremely high numbers.

Firearms have peak noise levels that are far above hearing safe levels. Even the lowly .22 long rifle cartridge exceeds the hearing safe levels (typically 140dB). In addtion to sound and flash reduction, the use of silencers also assists in training new shooters and running classes. A suppressor reduces the peak noise pulses from the gunshot thereby reducing flinching in new shooters. The suppressor allows for better communication during a class. The use of suppessors increases the range officers control of the firing line. Finally, suppressors reduce noise pollution for outdoor ranges, making ranges friendlier to neighbors in locations that are a mix of residential and commercial uses. To learn more about suppressors please visit



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